Monday, January 17, 2011

We Have A Home!

Nancy - Toronto Canada
I'm still waiting for Dean to update our blog with his adventures.. but apparently he doesn't find this blogging thing as fun as I do.  So I'll update you on the progress in Australia for now. WE HAVE A HOME! After a gruelling application process Dean and I have been accepted for a lovely little row house in Paddington on Liverpool street.  How lovely. Maybe my newly acquired British ties will come in handy after all :)


  1. Beautiful house! There is lots of that style here in a one story that are very popular! We had a hard time finding a place to rent, very very competitive! I ended up putting together a little booklet to "promote" our selves, ended up we just had to say Campbell works for the police and we were in! If I hand known that I would have had it stamped on my forehead! ha-ha