Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WHAT? We DON'T Have a Home!? :(

Nancy- Toronto Canada
Yesterday was a bad day for Nancy.  I'm hoping today will be better.. let me explain.

Firstly, I had this week mapped out day for day "things to do".  Each day had tasks to do on my lunch break, errands to run after work. All in preparation for India, the move, vet visits for Railey, visiting with friends and to top it off the sales meeting and training at work.  Isn't it just perfect that my car decides to break down at 11am on Tuesday... now I'm not only left carless for an unknown amount of time but with a list of "to do's" that are no longer "doing".  urrrggg.  brreeaath.   I called a few rental companies last night and it seems there is not a single rental car available for me in the city of Mississauga. Hopefully today my luck will be better.

Second, just as we crossed off the task of "find a home" the offer was revoked :(  Apparently the current tenants living in what we thought was our quaint new home on Liverpool street in Paddington decided they don't want to move. What a pain in the butt. So now we are back to the drawing board... fingers, toes anything you can cross.. cross it.

Good karma, good karma, good Karma.. We need you good karma!!

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  1. oh, that sucks! fingers crossed for another great place!