Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Races

Sydney Australia

Australians love the competitive thrill of racing animals or crustaceans and there are some pretty weird sporting events found across Australia. Anything from Alice Spring’s Camel Cup (camel races), sheep races to cockroach, crab, and toad races. Then of course the more normal horse and greyhound racing.

Looking for something interesting to do on a Friday night, we decided to take part in the very Auzzie tradition of Greyhound dog racing. We met up with our new neighbors (also new residents to Australia from France) and headed to Wentworth Racing Track just walking distance from our home.  None of us had ever bet on animal races before so we were hoping beginners luck would be on our side. We scanned the stats and the ticket teller kindly explained the system.  Place a dollar on #2 to win, a dollar on #8 to place.. and let’s go!

What a thrill, those dogs are FAST! I tried to take photos but they are so fast they just appear like blurs and are not even visible in the photos. Amazing!  

Now, with our newly developed betting skills we plan to take part in CRAB RACES on Wednesday night a local pub. I don't imagine they will be as fast so I'm sure to get some good shots of that!

Wentworth Park also hosts a Pet Race event in October where residents can bring their household dog and race them for fun. I can’t wait to bring Railey to this he’ll kick butt!

Speaking of Railey… we've entered the home stretch. He departs for Australia on Tuesday night.  I worry a lot about what's ahead for him with the long flight and his 30 days in quarantine. This is going to be a tough month. Once he's here safe and sound I’ll write about Railey’s big adventure.

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