Monday, February 7, 2011

Surfin' NSW

Dean - Manly, Australia

An activity I had to do when I got here was surfing. So last week I headed out to Manly Beach and enrolled in a surfing course. It seems that luck was not on my side and just before I was getting ready to go in the water, the beach was closed due to strong currents. Maybe not such a bad thing?? So this past weekend I headed out again but this time on the windiest, rainiest day yet. Despite the difficult weather, it was a blast! Surfing is a difficult and unbelievably tiring sport, but worth every effort. This is a sport I'll definitely do again, and can't wait to with Nancy. And yes I did actually stand up on the board a few times, and no this is not me, but I felt like it was!

Living Upside Down

Living in the southern hemisphere has differences. The obvious like the reversed seasons, and the sun being in the northern sky. Weirdly, I have not noticed the water going the opposite way down the drain thing. But there other there are other "opposites" not really related to the hemisphere, for example light switches flip up for off, seems like every time I walk into a room, I flip the wrong switch. The whole right hand drive thing messes me up too, I constantly walk to the wrong side of the car.

Apartment hunting goes on - wish me luck...

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